Rewarding May's Standout Staff! - Our New Values Initiative

We are excited to share with you a new internal initiative we have in place at Honeycombes Sales and Service that celebrates our amazing team members and the effort they put in to ‘making it easy’.

Each month, our branch and department managers will award select team members who embody our Values with a pin. At the end of the year, the top three staff members with the most pins will be announced as our Values Champions for 2024. They will receive a special reward in recognition of their outstanding contribution to fostering a healthy, engaged, and positive work culture.

This new initiative has already taken off at Honeycombes, fostering a friendly and healthy competition among each other and continuing our positive work environment. We've seen numerous team members push to go above and beyond expectations, truly Living Our Values.

Our values are Loyalty, Integrity, Care, and Tenacity. These are the underlining values we carry with us day-in and day-out as we serve and support our customers and each other.

The staff are rewarded at the beginning of each month, recognising their efforts from the previous month. These are our May winners and the reasons why they were selected:


Sam Shave – Service Technician, Tolga

Sam Shave demonstrated his Loyalty to Honeycombes during our service staff shortage. His unwavering commitment ensured that our Tolga Service Team were supported and our customers continued to receive top-notch service.  

Donna Grazioli – Parts Interpreter, Ingham

Donna Grazioli consistently shows her Loyalty to Honeycombes and our valued customers time and time again. She goes above and beyond, always being the first in and last to leave, demonstrating meticulous attention to detail in every task she undertakes.  

Adrian Lane – Leading Hand, Townsville – Industrial

Adrian Lane has displayed exceptional Loyalty and has been a great help in getting the Townsville Industrial Service Team back on track. His strong work ethic and dedication have exceeded company expectations.  

Leeah Bakker – Service Advisor, Townsville – Industrial

Leeah Bakker exhibits her Loyalty by offering to work additional hours each day to support the team and ensure our customers receive the assistance they need. Despite her being in a part-time role, she’s always there to help process RO’s and support the Service team when needed.

Pam McMahon – Service Advisor, Townsville – Trucks

Pam McMahon has greatly showed her Loyalty to Honeycombes during a staff shortage on the service desk. She committed to working additional days to support the team and ensuring our customers were well taken care of.

Kenzi Ivers – Service Advisor, Ayr - PowerSports

Kenzi Ivers only recently joined our Ayr branch and has greatly shown her Loyalty. Within a week, she exceeded our expectations and was independently made sure she understood all of our procedures. Her work ethic and customer service is outstanding.

Our Ayr Branch Manager has said she is a prime example of our vision and mission statement in action. Kenzi is willing to learn and takes on all tasks with a smile on her face.

Kody Wall – Parts Interpreter, Ayr – PowerSports

Kody Wall has been commended on his professionalism and commitment to learning. He maintains a professional approach to his role, showing respect and courtesy to colleagues and customers. He seeks opportunities for both personal and professional growth to better our Honeycombes PowerSports division.


Alex Zandbergen – Apprentice Service Technician, Ingham

Alex Zandbergen has demonstrated a strong show of his Integrity by being transparent when challenges arise and taking initiative to identify and rectify issues.


Rhyka Wickliffe – Apprentice Service Technician, Tolga

Rhyka Wickliffe showcased exceptional Care for our customers during our service staff shortage. He remained dedicated to our Tolga Service team and customers by stepping up for the start of the harvester season, helping everyone out immensely.

Leon Anderson – Storeperson, Townsville - Industrial

Leon Anderson demonstrated Care by ensuring all customers enquiries were taken care of promptly and by assisting our new parts staff when and where needed.

Amanda Baxter – Stock Controller, Townsville – Trucks

Amanda Baxter is a consistent star at showing her Care towards others. She always makes time for staff and customers, and is first to recognise the efforts and achievements of those around her.


Damon Loftus – Parts Interpreter, Cairns

Damon Loftus set a perfect example of Tenacity this past month by getting stuck in and pushing on to get the work done when times got tough.

He displayed excellent customer service skills by ensuring they remained up to date. Despite the increased workload, Damon overcame challenges and kept things in order, all with a laugh and smile.  

Leon Thomas – Parts Manager, Townsville – Industrial

Leon Thomas exemplified Tenacity by relentlessly pursuing every opportunity and providing support to our customers, even whilst training new employees. He faced many challenges with product supply but successfully managed to secure and support our customers with their parts to keep them operational.

Leon also demonstrated Care by keeping his team focused and well-supported.

Adam Rowe – Service Technician, Townsville – Trucks

Adam Rowe demonstrated great Tenacity on his recent trip to our Ayr branch. Adam ran into setbacks during his time there but he continued to go about his work diligently, completing quality work and openly communicated issues to the Branch Manager and other staff in the department.

Luke Bozzetto – Parts Interpreter, Ayr

Luke has shown great Tenacity while supporting the stores function of our Ayr Parts Department. His willingness to learn the role so our team is supported is greatly appreciated among all. Luke has continued to push himself to ensure all tasks are completed well in advance.

Jaedyn Howell – Service Technician, Innisfail

Jaedyn Howell received the Tenacity pin in recognition for stepping up while the Service Manager was on leave, supporting customers and fellow colleagues. He showed great leadership, guiding the team and meeting deadlines.

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